The following chart shows the growth in same store gross sales by A&W restaurants in the years 2012 to 2016.

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A&W has shown steady overall system sales growth over a long period, achieving compound annual growth of 6.6% since 1997.

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With over 880 restaurants, A&W ranks second in the Canadian hamburger segment.

The following table shows the number of hamburger quick service restaurants operated in Canada in 2015 by the five leading brands.

Canadian Quick Service Restaurants - Selected Comparative Statistics

(as at December 31, 2015)1

Number of Restaurants Estimated Annual Sales (in millions) Market Share by Annual Sales
McDonald's 1,443 $3,896 62.9%
A&W 854 $1,093 17.7%
Wendy's 354 $624 10.1%
Burger King 281 $370 6%
Harvey's 268 $207 3.3%
Total 3,200 $6,190 100.0%

1. Source: Foodservice and Hospitality magazine, June 2016